It is the mission of Abilene Community Theatre to entertain, educate, and engage our community through the performing arts.

Abilene Community Theatre (ACT) was founded in 1954, and made it's home in it's current location on Barrow in 1958. ACT is one of the oldest continually operating community theatre organizations in Texas. ACT is a not-for-profit 501(c)3, and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

ACT markets its productions throughout Taylor county to all ages and economic groups by way of public service announcements, appearances on local television and radio programs, and on social media. All actors and members are volunteers from the local community who are interested in helping preserve and promote live theater in Abilene, Texas. Audiences are comprised of a diverse mix of residents and seasonal visitors who enjoy seeing their friends and neighbors present live, local theater productions.

Abilene Community Theatre is a volunteer group. It has no paid staff nor are any members of ACT remunerated for the time, efforts and talents they bring to the organization. Musical productions will sometimes incur the cost of hiring a pianist or musicians for rehearsals and performances.

ACT is dedicated to the development of the performing arts for the youth as well through it's children's theatre outreach program, The Center for Theatre Education (CTE). The mission of The Center for Theatre Education is to create a safe, inviting environment where individuals of all ages and backgrounds can grow in self-confidence and creativity while feeling free to experience, learn about, and nurture a love and respect for all elements of theatre

The Abilene Community Theatre seeks to encourage the appreciation of and participation in all aspects of live theater, as well as conducting related educational programs for adults and children. ACT is able to meet this mission through the hard work of it's active volunteer group, and the generosity of donors and sponsors.

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President - Ginger Vinson

Vice President - Mike Stephens

Secretary -  Tyler Sparks

Treasurer - Lorrie Renfro

Board Members

Officers                                                                        Walter Smith, Pam Joines Peraza, Andrea Robison, J. Shea Leech, Larry Wheeler, Gavyn Hardegree, Jedidiah Martin  


Center for Theatre Education - Lorrie Renfro, Ginger Vinson, Jedidiah Martin, mike stephens, Tyler Sparks, Sherry Martin

Facilities - Stacey Smith, Pam Joines Peraza, Shea Cheek, Crystal Hale, Mike Stephens


Fundraising- J. Shea Leach, Ginger Vinson, Jedidiah Martin

Marketing - Jedidiah Martin, Sam Weaver, mike stephens, Sherry Martin, Ginger Vinson

Production - Ginger Vinson, Mike Stephens, Tyler Sparks, Jedidiah Martin, Stacey Smith, Pam Joines Peraza, Lorrie Renfro



Jedidiah Martin
Shea Cheek
Marlo Whetsel
Kendra Wheeler
Peter Hale
Jeffrey Castleberry
Susan Steele
Tracy Pugh
Tiffany McAdams

Tony Redman
Jerry Whetsel
Thomas Madrid
Brandi Beggs
Amy Voce
Tony Redman
Debbie Diener
Jen Burns
Casey Voce
Heather Turner
Samuel W.

Special thanks to:

Double Diamond Signs - A long-standing friend of ACT providing signage products.


Sally's Printing & Mail Services - A long-standing friend of ACT providing print products.


Aaron's - A friend of ACT that provides some of the furnishings you see on our stage.


Linda Husmann of Ray & Company, P.C. - A long-standing friend of ACT providing accounting services.