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Sometimes life throws you a bit of a curve ball.

The comedy DEARLY DEPARTED was selected as the final production in our 2018-2019 Season in February, set to be performed May 31 - June 9 of 2019, and a director was selected. Unfortunately, they have since had to move to Austin, and so we are once again on the search for a director!

Set in the backwoods of the Bible Belt, DEARLY DEPARTED tells the story of the Turpin family, proving that living and dying in the South are seldom tidy and always hilarious. Despite their efforts to pull themselves together for their father's funeral, the Turpins' other problems keep overshadowing the occasion: firstborn Ray-Bud drinks himself silly as the funeral bills mount; Junior, the younger son, is juggling financial ruin, a pack of monster kids, and a wife who suspects him of infidelity in the family car; their spinster sister, Delightful, who copes with death as she does life, by devouring junk food; and all the neighbors add more than two cents. As the situation becomes fraught with mishap, Ray-Bud says to his long-suffering wife, "When I die, don't tell nobody. Just bury me in the backyard and tell everybody I left you." Amidst the chaos, the Turpins turn for comfort to their friends and neighbors, an eccentric community of misfits who just manage to pull together and help each other through their hours of need, and finally, the funeral.


Click the button below to download the submission form and then email to Mike Stephens, ACT Board Vice-President of Production and Support and ACT Media at You can also email Mike to have a form sent to you. Deadline for proposal submissions is Monday, November 5th.

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